Should I Trade In My Car?

While it is possible to get more money selling your car on your own, for most people, trading their car in or selling it to a dealership is the best choice. With a little research and the right dealer, you can often get nearly as much as you would selling on your own–all with a lot less headache!

Some Advantages:

  • If you’re trading in your car, you will receive a tax credit that can significantly reduce payment and amount financed.
  • It’s easy! The dealership does all the work.
  • No need to wait. Get the transportation you want now!
  • If you trade it in, the dealer will pay off your vehicle no matter what you owe.
  • No need to wait for a buyer to arrange financing or to sell their trade.
  • Protects your privacy and saves you time!


  • You may get less for your vehicle than you would have had you sold it on your own.

When choosing a dealer to sell your car to, take advantage of the laws of supply and demand. Choosing a dealership that sells a large volume of used cars puts demand in your favor. Large volume dealers need inventory and will pay more to get it than a smaller dealer who is moving a smaller volume. Ken Garff West Valley sells thousands of used cars every month. We need your vehicle! Our online form makes it easy set an appointment for a no obligation appraisal and fast cash for your car.

Value Your Trade